I've traced some FBI turrets to a warehouse near the docks.

We should be able to get to there and do some mischief on those turrets to get them off the road for a bit, Find a way in the warehosue then brake them, while remaining stealthy. I found some turrets stored in an FBI warehouse next to an unloading dock. Now, I've been told it's in both our interests if these things got... lost? So let's make sure that happens.

You'll need to do some stuff before you can get in the warehouse though. Once you're in, it'll be a lovely little time.

Just make sure you do it quietly. If they find out the turrets have been messed with, it won't look good for anyone...",

So here's my little problem. There's this one manager of Avalon Corporations; To make a long story short, he's up to his neck in debt with me and he's been trying to avoid paying up. So I'm planning on taking back what's rightfully mine.

However, he's got the FBI on his side, so I haven't been able to figure out his exact location. Luckily, the FBI has recently built a new compound and it seems that they've transfered a lot of their data to the servers there. So, I need you to break in and gather all the data you can find that relates to this... greasy git, then go get that manager, you can go by any mean necessary.


Heist Lead



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