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Avalon's Shadow

By Xeletron & Crafterblade

"Kranich hires you to infiltrate a warehouse of one of their rivals Avalon, who have some juicy new technologies. The warehouse is locked down so you have to first break into a nearby house then find a way inside. Who knows what this tech is and where they are hiding it."

The Skyscraper Heist

By TheNextHorizon

"The gang has been contracted to rob a vault that GenSec is showing off at the top of their new headquarters. The players can go either loud or stealth, and must complete multiple objectives in order to first reach the top of the skyscraper, then open the vault. This vault is GenSec's most secure, and features three locks that must be disabled before it can be opened."

Safehouse Raiders

By Oreztov & SgtJoe

"On the outskirts of town, a cartel is rapidly growing, some say even threatening the Payday gang. The crew must destroy the cartel from the inside, entering their safehouse hidden beneath a warehouse, killing their leaders, stealing their data and looting their vaults. They'll be left in shock."

Rogue Company

By TimeForSteve

"Rogue Company is the first strike against the Jackals. It's a 1 day loud only heist. The gang is tasked by Yaeger to breach one of their industrial blocks for something valueable they took from him: a metal briefcase containing important parts of his hacking equipment. Without it, he won't be able to do much mischief in the future. There is also quite a bit of loot to find around in the area, and a few things to learn about the Jackals."

Transport: Atrium

By TonisGaming

"It's an armored transport heist, but there's a gimmick. The gimmick being that you can use preplanning to choose how you hit the convoy with some other stuff sprinkled in there."

Underground Methery

By Mako


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