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MapJam "Build-A-Bank" starting now!

Our Mapjam “Build-A-Bank” is launching today!
We created a layout for a bank level now it’s your turn to finish it.
For more infos and instructions on how to participate, visit the website.


Heist checkups

We went through almost all of our heists to fix and overhaul them.
We also moved our custom contractor to a separate mod for easier maintaining, it can be automatically downloaded ingame via the BeardLib Mods Manager.


Guides Page now live

We set up a guides page with a collection of little guides to help you make your own maps. There's not a lot yet, but we are gonna expand it and add more guides and resources in the future. Make sure to visit it from time to time.


Avalon's Shadow Out Now!

The Winner of our 2020 Mapping Contest is back, reworked and improved!


Map Jam - Gotta Start Somewhere, launching today!

Today we're launching our first Map Jam. We want you guys to create your own custom tutorial levels. Check out the webpage for more information


Mapping Contest Winners

The mapping contest has finally been wrapped up. Check out the results and download the maps to play for yourself.


Harvest & Trustee Southern Branch Out Now!

Trooperjack is releasing his new heist, a completely new Harvest & Trustee branch! Head over to the download page for more information.


Mapping Contest - 2 More Months!

Because of the recent Infamy 3.0 Update, we decided to extend this contest by 2 months so everyone has some extra time to level up. The new deadline will be on March 1st of 2021 - 0:00 GMT. For any additional questions feel free to join our discord server.


PAYDAY 2 Mapping Contest

Today we are launching the first PAYDAY 2 Mapping Contest! Create your own heist, send it to us and have a chance to win some prizes. For more information visit the contest page.


Harvest & Trustee Southern Branch Open Beta

Trooperjack's new heist, Harvest & Trustee Southern Branch is now available for beta testing. For more information and the download link visit the #bt-htsb channel on our Discord server.

No more news.

Welcome to PAYDAY 2 Maps

We are a group of creators making custom heists for PAYDAY 2.
On this website you can find showcases and downloads for heists made by us and members of the community, check them out in the download section.

Join our Discord Server to talk to us, seek help for your own maps and stay up to date with our projects!

*This is a fan-made website. We are not related to Overkill Software or Starbreeze.

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